Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo



Telefónica I+D is the innovation company of the Telefónica Group. Telefónica I+D was founded in 1988 and it contributes to the Group’s competitiveness and modernity through technological innovation. To achieve this aim, the company applies new ideas, concepts and practices in addition to developing advanced products and services. It is the largest private R+D centre in Spain with respect to activities and resources, and is one of the most active companies in Europe in terms of European research projects in the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology). It collaborates with technological leaders and numerous organizations in 42 different countries.

Telefonica I+D research team has participated in several EU-projects that investigate concepts related to this proposal (web transparency, privacy and protection of user data, mobile and networking technologies, security, etc.). Such projects include TYPES, ReCred, and others. Within these projects, as well as the one-of-its kind initiative of the Data Transparency Lab (DTL), the team has led, participated in, or funded the design, development, testing, and public release of several open source tools and algorithms that can be used by regular Internet users and SMEs to improve the transparency of user data usage, increase awareness for their usage, increase their protection and secure handling or sharing (please see next boxes for more information about these projects).