the PIMCity EasyPIMS

To demonstrate the flexibility of the PDK, we will implement EasyPIMS, a scalable, novel, holistic approach to personal data sharing on the Internet. Key to this is empowering users to concretely understand the value and the nature of data they share. Simplicity is the key to achieve this. For this, we introduce four fundamentals blocks: The Personal Data Avatar (PDA), the Transparency Tags (TT), the data Marketplace, and the User Dashboard (UD).

Each one of these parts will use one or more of components offered by the PDK.

Personal Data Avatar (PDA)

It is a digital projection of data stored in the P-DS, under full control of the user. PDA contains a set of information synthesized by ad hoc analytics fed with the data made available by the user in the P-DS and the settings specified in the CM. In other words, the PDA is a user-controlled privacy-preserving P-DS synthesis. The PDA is the interface between the user and the services. Thanks to PDA, the user becomes the only owner of her data and acquires the freedom and power of deciding which data to share with which service. The PDA lets the user know the actual monetary value of exposed data (obtained through the D-VT component), increasing consciousness regarding her privacy. In turn, the PDA provides services (e.g., advertisers) with personal information built and validated by the user, thus more precise than those extracted nowadays by opaque tracking companies. Thanks to this, services considerably reduce their costs: they reduce expenses for obtaining users’ data from trackers and data brokers. In addition, they increase their reputation as trusted parties by eliminating the risk of violating privacy.

Transparency Tags (TT)

It is the analogue to a Nutrition Label for food which provides the information about the ingredients, their provenience, intolerance risks, etc. of food. The TT communicates in an easy to understand way the nature of the web service the user is accessing to. For each web service (e.g., a website, a web service, a mobile app) EasyPIMS exposes the information computed by the P-PM, such as its owner, its purpose, the personal data it collects, etc. This is summarized in scores - automatically computed by the P-PM specialized analytics - revealing the potential privacy risk associated to that website.

User Dashboard (UD)

Users need simple and intuitive means to access and control their information. For this, EasyPIMS implements a digital dashboard to keep control of their personal data in the P-DR, check their value via PDA, controlling service reputation via TT, etc. Thanks to the UD, users are able to control the EasyPIMS, their data, and their preferences. The UD will be designed following state of art approaches, with simplicity in mind. Accessible via an interactive dashboard, specifically designed for smartphone usage, the UD will be the revolutionary means to take control of personal information on the web. Modular by design, private by design, it builds upon TT, PDA to increase awareness in users.


To interoperate with services, EasyPIMS implements a simple digital Marketplace, i..e, the EasyPIMS Data Broker. Similar to a physical Marketplace, the EasyPIMS Marketplace facilitates the trading of user data (via the PDAs) and web services. EasyPIMS collects and offers in the Marketplace profiles obtained by PDAs made available by users. Web services are provided the capability to check and purchase profiles (via the D-TE component). This allows to conduct transactions in a transparent way, providing revenues to users.