Building the next generation personal data platforms


Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) aim to give users back control over their data, while creating transparency in the market. However, so far, they have failed to reach business maturity and sizeable user bases. PIMCity offers tools to change this scenario.

  • We implement a PIMS development kit (PDK) to commoditize the complexity of creating PIMS. This lowers the barriers for companies and SME to enter the web data market.
  • We design and deploy novel mechanisms to increase users’ awareness
  • We demonstrate the effectiveness of the above tools by engineering EasyPIMS, our fully-fledged PIMS.

We strongly believe that an open market for data will only flourish if we stop the arms race between users and services. For this, we involve advertisers and end-users in the whole process. PIMCity has all these players in our consortium, along with leading IT companies and data providers, renowned research centres and universities, and SMEs already in the market of PIMS.

EasyPIMS is available!

To participate in the EasyPims beta tester programme you just need to download the EasyPims plugin and register on the platform

PimCity Development Kit

we design and develop basic and generic components that offer fundamental functionalities for PIMS. These will be released as a SDK aiming to streamline the development and integration of PIMS. ​


using the PDK components, we develop and demonstrate EasyPIMS, our own solution offering privacy, marketplace, and personal analytics services over Telco data. ​

First Release of PDK

The source code of all modules is available online on GitLab


PIMCity approach is both ambitious and revolutionary. 

First, unlike previous attempts in the PIMS space, we do not propose a “point solution” but holistically deliver generic and flexible components. The PDK democratize the development and adoption of PIMS. This is a ground-breaking change that will finally help the data economy accelerate and become transparent. We offer innovative solutions for hard technical problems like privacy-preserving data analytics, easy to use consent manager, instruments to increase awareness in users, tools to transparently trade data, methods to port data to different platforms, etc.

Second, we deliver the fully fledged EasyPIMS, that we bootstrap thanks to data already available among consortium partners, involving all stakeholders in its design. This because we are fundamentally convinced to stop the current arms race between users and services.

Third, we will run one of the largest demonstrators in PIMS, involving SME that are strongly committed and large companies that are eager to enter the data market, in a transparent way.