PIMCity Project Public Launch

April 6, 2020

The audiences to which PIMCity addresses is very broad and requires in each case a language that facilitates the communication, and for this reason, the Consortium has decided to create two web spaces dedicated to communicate the project contents.

www.pimcity-h2020.eu, more technical, is focused on the project per se, aimed at the scientific and research community to find technical documentation and repository of all that is produced by the project. In order to inform about PIMCity’s contents a large number of target groups and the general public, the Consortium will promote the project through deliverables, publications, etc… that will be available in this website

www.pimcity.eu is designed to serve the more general public, such as citizens, businesses and regulators, focusing on communication tasks and with a more generic dissemination goal.

Fundamental for the success of the project is the collaboration between stakeholders in order to ensure the exchange of information and best practices and achieve a common view of the objectives of the project.

In particular, the website purpose is to provide adapted information for each of the groups to which PIMCity project is addressed, in order to achieve the active participation of these groups in the different phases of the project, to make known the tools developed in PIMCity and to create spaces of communication between them. The Consortium identified three categories:


  • PIM CITIZENS: final users who need information on how to take care of their privacy, how to manage and value their personal data.
  • PIM BUSINESS: those who want to develop business models using personal data. They can find tools, advice on how to do it in a respectful way with examples and models of good use as well as a detailed description of each of the components of the project development kit.
  • PIM EVANGELISTS: those who want or have the responsibility to help others in managing their privacy either personally or institutionally (foundations, data protection or civil rights agencies, governments, etc.).


In order to accomplish with the communication purposes, the end users, the companies and the regulators will be able to find, in the website, updated information about Privacy, PIMS and PIMCity project.